Dispensing Pills Systematically

In order to avoid medication errors in the homes of elderly individuals, it is a good idea
to dispense pills and capsules from a tray with compartment for one or more doses for a
particular day or specified time. These trays are designed to simplify drug rounds for home-
care providers and reduce the risk of medical errors, and studies have proven their
effectiveness. Compared with pills or capsules from a dispenser, medication errors are twice as
likely to occur with similar medications that are not in dispensers. Pill dispensers are
inexpensive tools that prove their worth to be many times their cost in an age when more
elderly individuals rely on daily mediations than ever.
Many seniors take some sort of medication. At Hillcrest, we can provide medication
reminders to assure that our senior residents maintain a consistent mediation regimen. To
learn more about what we do for our seniors, contact us today at 308-345-4600. You are
invited to tour our community at 309 W. 7th
Street. Our seniors are our #1 priority.

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