BUSINESS OFFICE:  The Business Office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. This department's staff is here to assist our residents and their families with a variety of services including directing visitors and answering the phone calls.  Our other services include cashing checks, free Notary service, maintaining a resident trust fund, filing insurance claims, answering monthly billing questions, and helping our residents in any manner possible.

ACTIVITIES:  This department plans, organizes, and focuses on daily activities which provide entertainment, exercise, and relaxation to fulfill the social and spiritual needs of our residents.  Communication is important, so each day this department prints a "Daily News" publication which is given to each resident at their morning meal so they can plan their day.  

DIETARY:  Three times a day and with great pride the Dietary Department prepares and serves delicious, attractive and well balanced meals while still meeting the special dietary needs of each resident.  Special attention is given to the residents preferences.  Each month, at Residents' Council, the residents compose a dinner of their favorite choices.  Each resident prepares a special meal for themselves with pizza being their favorite.  

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES:  Our floors are the shiniest in the whole community and our ES staff is very proud of that fact.  Our housekeepers clean each resident's room daily and while doing so, they assist the residents with the little extra things they may need help with. You will find this group to be a caring and committed team that finds joy in keeping our home sparkling.   

LAUNDRY:  The Laundry Department takes special pride in the part of ensuring that the residents look their best in clothing that is properly laundered.  With a population that typically numbers 120, it's a big job to gather, launder, and deliver clothing on a daily basis.  Not to mention, the fresh smelling bed linens and towels the residents enjoy.

 MAINTENANCE:  This department is responsible for maintaining the building and the upkeep of our  landscaped grounds.  Maintenance is on a 24 hour call to respond to the needs of our residents.  There is no task too big or to small for this small but effective department.   

MATERIALS:  Our Materials Department is ran by one person who has many duties.  She orders and stocks the supplies, keeps inventory, and works with suppliers and salesmen on a daily basis to find the best prices.  She also is the Safety Director.    

MEDICAL RECORDS:  This department's hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm and is responsible for maintaining all medical records for each resident.  Because of the sensitive nature and the confidentiality laws, no information concerning residents records can be provided to anyone without prior authorization from the resident or their legal representative.  Any questions regarding release of information should be directed to the Director of Medical Records.  

NURSING:  This department has the largest population of staff at Hillcrest so that individual care can be delivered to each resident 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Residents and family soon discover these staff members are true professionals in their field and are truly dedicated to caring for those who live at Hillcrest.   The different care givers in this department include:  

D.O.N. - Our Director Of Nursing and his\her assistant manage the entire nursing department and staff.  

SUPERVISOR - These nurses are in a supervisory position and manages a certain area of the facility.  She/he also is responsible for the overall care of their units residents.  

R.N. - Our Registered Nurses not only hold a charge nurse position but also deliver hands on medical care to the residents.   

L.P.N. - Licensed Practical Nurses serve in a charge position and supervise the M.A. and T.N.A.'s on his\her team.  They also provide treatments, do assessments, and chart along with a variety of other nursing duties.  

M.A. - The Medical Aide staff is qualified to administer certain medications.  

C.N.A. - The Certified Nursing Assistant provides the majority of daily care for our residents.  

SOCIAL SERVICES:  The overall responsibilities of this department include the coordination of admissions, room changes, to discharges.  The director of this department and assistant wear many hats and assist the residents with shopping, transportation needs, and medical appointments.  They are seen as the residents personal advocate and ensure that each residents rights are upheld concerning privacy and dignity.