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Hillcrest Nursing Home Foundation board members have made staff education one of their top priorities. Our Scholarship Loan Program is supported by the Foundation in order to recruit and retain well- educated and dedicated employees. The funds are only available be- cause of the generous contributions from a variety of resources in- cluding our employees, fundraisers, as well as, community members. In exchange for the financial scholarships made available to promis- ing individuals, the recipients must enter into contracts to work for Hillcrest Nursing Home for a full two years following completion of their schooling. At the end of the two years, if all qualifications have been met, the scholarship loan will be forgiven. If you have a dream to fulfill in the nursing field, let us help you. We invite you to obtain an application from the Foundation office and re- turn the completed form to Hillcrest Nursing Home Foundation, 309 West 7th Street, P.O. Box 1087, McCook, NE 69001. For additional in- formation, please contact Pam Harsh, Director, at308-345-4600 or by e-mail at foundation@hillcrestnh.org.