Board Minutes

Hillcrest Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting


The Hillcrest Board of Trustees regular meeting was held on 02/25/14 at 10:00 a.m. in the lower level conference room at 309 W 7th, McCook Ne.  Present were trustees  Jim Howard, Randy Dean, Karen Thompson ,  County Commissioner Representative Earl McNutt, Janice Bamesburger, Mike Eklund,  Employees Colinda Nappa, LNHA,  Renee Wright, BOM, Kathleen Dinges , IDON, Amanda Randolph HR and Jeannie Steinbrink insurance rep.


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Jim Howard and the Open Meetings Act was presented and available for viewing.


The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.  Motion was made by Karen Thompson  and seconded by Randy Dean  to accept the minutes.  Motion carried.




Electronic charting progress is continuing.  We are now using both systems for a little bit and hopefully by March will be using the system alone.  Still looking  for a PT module to go along with Carevoyant. Colinda has looked into two systems so far. One module has a cost of $10,000 to purchase it and $500 a month. The other one we do not have to purchase just a monthly fee of $450.


Transportation grant, Paul Wood has the lease agreement and going over that.


The new doors for the 200/300 floor are here and being stored in the county shop until they can be put up.



Liability and work comp insurance- Carl from UNICO was here for presentation. He went over his brochure regarding his company and what they can do for us. The board would like to get a bid from UNICO to look at current insurance. Colinda will get him copies of current plans.  Colinda went over with the new board members about our existing insurance.


Northwestern Mutual and Wellness Partners wanted to give presentations on health insurance. Northwestern Mutual did not make it but Mark Wilcox and Lela Ladd from Wellness Partners did give a presentation and gave handouts to the board. Board discussed Wellness Partners presentation and questions were answered.





Jeannie Steinbrink our insurance representative  was here to present the quote from Coopportunity . She proposed using Coopportunity.  She went over Option E and Option A for HSA including prices and deductibles. Employee does have an opportunity and have a physical and do an assessment online the employee  will get a $100 VISA card to spend where they want it. Spouse is also eligible for it. The new insurance will save Hillcrest $7,287.00 a month with the new insurance. If employees do not sign up now for the insurance they will have to wait for next open enrollment. Board had a discussion regarding the plans and motion was made by Randy Dean and 2nd by Mike Eklund to choose Option E and Option A HSA effective 04/01/2014, to be eligible for plan must work 30 hours a week, do not provide insurance for part time employees and Hillcrest will pay 50% and employees will pay 50% and motion was passed. Colinda will go over the new plans with the employees and Jeannie will come out when she has mandatory inservice.



Regarding the collection policy Renee will be looking into collection agencies and will get the info to Colinda. Final letters will be sent to the resident’s with a large outstanding bill.


State in for complaint survey. We were sited for preventive maintenance documentation  and not updating care plans.


Cash flow sheet was handed out and gone over. Cash flow sheet includes all outstanding private payments.


Staffing Report:

·         Eight employees resigned.

·         3% turnover rate 5% for the year. 6% for nursing alone.

·         Referral bonus of $50 approved by the board previously, will board allow another $50 to make the total $100 for referral bonuses.             

·         Decreased pool labor by 32 hours.


Census report:

                                Today                                                    2013

Total:                    98                                                           87

Hospice                                0                                                              1

Skilled                  9                                                              15

Insurance            0                                                              0

State                     36                                                           42

Private                 49                                                           29

AL                           9                                                              10

VA                          3                                                              0


We do have a waiting list.




12:00 a.m. Janice made a motion and Karen seconded to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues.  Motion passed.


Motion to come out of executive  session by Karen Thompson  2nd by Randy Dean  motion passed.   Executive session ended without any action taken.  Motion made by Janice at 12:30 to adjourn, seconded by Randy.  Motion passed meeting adjourned.


Next meeting scheduled for  03/25/14 at 10:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted but not yet approved.

Renee Wright,