Board Minutes

Hillcrest Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting


The Hillcrest Board of Trustees regular meeting was held on 04/29/14 at 10:00 a.m. in the lower level conference room at 309 W 7th, McCook Ne.  Present were trustees Jim Howard, Randy Dean, Karen Thompson, County Commissioner Representative Earl McNutt, Janice Bamesburger, Mike Eklund,  Employees Colinda Nappa, LNHA,  Renee Wright, BOM, Becky Tate , DON, and Amanda Randolph HR.


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Jim Howard and the Open Meetings Act was presented and available for viewing.


The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.  Motion was made by Randy Dean  and seconded by Karen Thompson  to accept the minutes.  Motion carried.



Electronic charting progress is continuing, testing the new time clock accounts payable and then will start training on the clinicals



Rex Nelson from McCook Economic Development came in and discussed housing in McCook and to  present  building apartments and if we would be interested in being part the construction.  One apartment we would take responsibility for 2-3 years, discussion about us if doing that could be used for pool labor and or employees who need to stay the night. Discussion tabled for later as it would not begin construction until next year.


Nursing Home Week, May 12th thru May 17th.Board received their T-shirts. Theme  is "Living the Aloha Spirit".  BBQ will be Monday May 12th at 5:30 there will be pulled pork sandwiches and sides. At the end of the week there will be the 1st annual Sun Games. Hillcrest has a team and McCook Hospital therapy department has a team and Southwest Physical Therapy has a team  to compete in these games.


June 21st we are participating in the Longest Day for Alzheimer’s awareness. There will be a dunk booth and bouncy houses. They walk will start here at Hillcrest.


We still have surplus doors, only 4 were sold, the remaining doors were put on open line to try and sell.


Randy discussed with the board regarding the foundation chapel project. They want to go out and aggressively market the chapel being built and the board agreed to this. Discussion was held on where it would be built, tabled for further meetings. 


Colinda reported on her seminar with Title VI regarding our bus and being compliant through the DOT for the grant.  Discussion about providing  signs for this in both English and Spanish. DOT states that if our population is 5% Hispanic that we must post in both English and Spanish. We are under 4.9% board decided to wait until we are past the 5%.

Per Board request, Colinda presented a bid from an accounting firm out of Grand Island, Shonsey and Associates  to do our end of year audit. She had called several facilities that use them and was told they would recommend them. Motion  by Janice and 2nd by Mike to change to the new accounting firm , all approved.


Financials and cash flow sheets were handed out and gone over. Cash flow sheet includes all outstanding private payments along with all outstanding vendors that we owe money to. Board discussed the amount being spent on pool labor for nursing. from last year to this year we have spent over $500,000 in pool labor and motel rooms for them.  Board discussed pay differential for the evening and night shifts they are the shifts with the most pool labor.  Motion was made by Randy and 2nd by Janice to offer $1.00 differential for evening shift and $2.00 differential for night shift for the nursing staff beginning 04/27/2014. Jim, Janice, Karen and Randy voted yes, Mike voted no.


Staffing Report:

·         two employees resigned.

·         1% turnover rate 8% for the year.

Census report:

                                Today                                                    2013

Total:                    97                                                           89

Hospice                   1                                                              1

Skilled                  12                                                           12

Insurance            0                                                              1

State                     28                                                           41

Private                 52                                                           34

AL                           9                                                              10

VA                          2                                                              0

We do have a waiting list.


11:25 a.m. Karen made a motion and Janice  seconded to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues.  Motion passed.

Motion to come out of executive  session at 11:30 by Janice and seconded by Randy:  motion passed.   Executive session ended without any action taken.

 Motion made by Karen and seconded by Mike to adjourn at 11:31: motion passed meeting adjourned.


Next meeting scheduled for  05/27/14 at 10:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted but not yet approved.

Renee Wright,